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Dog Walker

Take man's best friends for strolls.

What does a Dog Walker do?

As a Dog Walker, you lead packs of your furry, four-legged friends in doggy aerobic training sessions – from walks around the block to jogs through the park. Patient and kind to all animals, yet strong enough to reel in a feisty Saint Bernard, you step in when homeowners step out for work or vacation. It’s your job as Dog Walker to ensure that all dogs, both big and small, have time to romp and play.

Professional Dog Walkers walk dogs. No surprise there. Yet the job entails more than a casual stroll once a week. It’s up to you to manage dogs – often walking several at the same time – on a daily basis.

Beyond exercising each cooped-up pooch, you also administer pet first aid in an emergency, plan walking routes, adjust for changes in the weather, and fulfill the least fun duty of dog walking: cleaning up dog poo.

You’re a dog lover, so it’s easy to see why you’re attracted to this role. Being a fan of nature – or at least the well-manicured lawns of your local park – helps, too. Busy dog owners rely on you to keep their pets happy and healthy through regular exercise. And in turn, you make plenty of new four-legged friends.