Dog Licenser

Help dog owners get the proper license for their pets.

What does a Dog Licenser do?

More than just a shiny tag on a collar, a dog license means that the dog wearing it has all the proper vaccinations, and is therefore unlikely to catch or transmit diseases. In addition, those dog collar fees can help pay for the care of an unfortunate Fido in the shelter while it waits for a new home. As a Dog Licenser, you issue those important licenses.

While dog licenses may be beneficial, not all owners like to pay for them. Periodically, Dog Licensers visit a part of their community and check dogs for licenses. During these visits, Dog Licensers may discuss license laws with the owners of the dogs, reminding them that they can get a hefty ticket if they don’t comply.

Sometimes, the owners provide records and funds, and you license the dogs then and there. If owners don’t comply even after repeated visits, you issue citations.

Pet shops and kennels may require many dog licenses at one time, and they may sometimes cut corners and request fewer licenses than they actually need. These businesses top your inspection list. When new businesses open up, you visit to introduce yourself and remind the owner of your community’s licensing laws.

Compliant owners may mail in vaccination records and license requests. In these cases, you type in the information and place a dog license in the mail for the owners. If a license is about to expire, you send a friendly reminder to the owner to ask for updated vaccination records and fees.