Dog Breeder

Breed dogs to encourage desirable physical and personality traits.

What does a Dog Breeder do?

Today’s purebred puppy buyer is often quite informed. They may know how tall, how big, how speckled, and how shiny a dog should be when full-grown, and they won’t pay top dollar for a substandard specimen. This makes your job very important, because as a Dog Breeder, you supervise the breeding of dogs to create puppies that conform to buyer’s expectations.

To start the breeding process, Dog Breeders watch their female dog carefully to determine when she’s ready for a night of love. You may own a male dog you can pair up with the female, or you may use another dog (for a fee) as a stud. After you’ve turned the lights down and lit some candles for ambiance, you lead the two dogs to a breeding area and you stay with them until they’ve mated. Sometimes, Dog Breeders repeat this step to ensure that the female is impregnated.

The Veterinarian is your close friend, and you take your pregnant female in for many, many visits. When the Veterinarian has determined that your female is about to deliver, you prepare a whelping area for her and assist her with the delivery. If she has trouble delivering, you rush her back to the Veterinarian for surgery.

As the little puppies grow and develop, you may select a few to keep as future mothers and fathers. You sell the other puppies to buyers-of course, after you’ve checked those buyers carefully. Puppies you’ve raised are almost like your children, and you do your part to ensure that they’re heading to loving homes, not shelters. You tearfully kiss the little ones goodbye as they leave.