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Document Management Technician

File and retrieve documents for company employees.

What does a Document Management Technician do?

Small pieces of paper can add up to big problems if they’re not properly filed and easily found when needed. A Document Management Technician creates efficient filing systems, and retrieves information from those filing systems when asked.

As a Document Management Technician, you spend a large portion of your day filing information. You may file information by case number, the applicant’s last name, or the date, but you use the same system for each item you’re given.

When someone asks for an item from the files, a Document Management Technician retrieves it, noting who took the item and what day it left the files. You then give it to the person who requested it while resisting the urge to remind them to keep coffee cups and pizza away from your document. When the item is returned, you check it back into the logbook and file it again.

Most companies are required to keep hard copies of files for a specific period of time. When that time has elapsed, your company may ask you to remove the files and destroy them. You may also be asked to create electronic copies of the materials before they’re destroyed.

You’ll become incredibly effective at filing-and finding-things quickly. You’ll have a map in your head of where each piece of paper is located, and people will trust you with even the most sensitive information, as they know you simply won’t lose it. But try not to let all that admiration go to your head.