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Document Examiner



Make sure all required fields have been filled out properly on every form.

What does a Document Examiner do?

It’s a fact of modern life that almost every time money changes hands, a slew of paperwork comes first. This paperwork may be a legal contract, a government form, or a bill of sale. As a Document Examiner, you check this paperwork closely to make sure it’s authentic and filled out properly.

Document Examiners may work for a bank, a title company, the government, or a shipping agency. When a document comes to you, you perform a check to make sure each field has been filled out. If you find that it’s incomplete, you may reject the document altogether and send it back to the owner, with a note asking them to complete the paperwork and resubmit it.

You may be tempted to call the owner and assist in filling out the paperwork, but you must keep your kindness in check. The company’s Lawyers may frown upon the help you’re moved to provide.

Document Examiners also ensure that the paperwork is filled out in accordance with state and local laws. For example, if you’re examining paperwork relating to a land sale, you check the description of the land and the price of the sale, and make sure they’re within legal limits. You may confirm that the people aren’t related to one another, and that they’ve paid the necessary taxes on the sale.

The paperwork you handle is filled out on the computer most of the time, but sometimes, you’re forced to deal with strange and unfamiliar handwriting. Because of this, you may long for the days when proper penmanship was taught in schools.

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