Document Control Specialist

Manage a library of documents for an office.

What does a Document Control Specialist do?

As a Document Control Specialist, you’re responsible for the management of both written and electronic documents in an administrative setting. In other words, you literally control the documents-or at least, where they go. Document Control Specialists keep track of who has what, where, and for how long.

Document Control Specialists are also responsible for scheduling, labeling, filing, pulling, distributing, and recovering documents. Additionally, you make sure that the latest, most up-to-date, and revised version of a document is what’s being used.

This is an especially important job in a field such as law, where many different documents from many different sources can converge at once. The responsibility of keeping track of all of that paperwork falls on your shoulders, so you should be extremely organized, able to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. And you should be fairly discreet-you never know what kind of confidential documents you may end up handling or reading.

In addition to your role of tracking documents, there is another part to your position: maintaining and creating document control systems. Coming into an already established system, your role initially will be to follow the system in place, and make it work as best as possible. However, with the ever-changing role of technology in documentation, as well as filing systems, taking the chance to impress management by pitching an idea on how to make the system work better only makes you look better too.