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Oversee the safe and efficient docking of ships at a port.

What does a Dockmaster do?

The sea is an alluring place for Sailors of all kinds. The salt, the surf, the adventure all beckon to them. But sooner or later, all those boats need to settle down somewhere. That’s where you come in.

As a Dockmaster, you’re responsible for all aspects of a dock that have to do with the public. One of your main duties is to deal with Sailors and boating crews. At a small dock, this could mean simply processing pleasure craft in and out of parking positions. At a larger dock, you could find yourself helping a massive freighter get checked in to a dry dock.

The size and type of facility you choose will impact your daily duties, but there are a few qualities that every Dockmaster needs. For starters, good organization on a large and small scale is vital.

Outdoors, you need a big-picture view of the marina and docks so that you can create parking layouts that maximize efficiency and safety. Inside the office, you need good organizational skills to keep paperwork, payments, and computer files straight. Computer and clerical skills alongside your maritime knowledge and experience will serve you well as a Dockmaster.

You report directly to the Marina Manager, Operations Manager, or other Supervisor. Depending on the size of your dock and the number of boats you’re handling, you may have a team of assistants working with you. The maritime industry can be unpredictable. Expect at least 40 hours per week, with more when your dock experiences a high volume of activity.

You may also have to come in during emergencies like heavy storms, so be prepared. As a Dockmaster, the buck stops with you when it comes to safety, security, and customer service anywhere on the dock.

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