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Docket Clerk



Organize the list of cases judges will hear.

What does a Docket Clerk do?

In court, the daily listing of the cases a Judge hears is known as a docket. This list lets everyone know who will rule on the case, what time it will be heard, and where it will be held. It’s all pretty important information for anyone involved, since after all, you can’t win a case if you don’t show up. As a Docket Clerk, you organize this list along with all the necessary forms, payments, and schedules needed to make a court run smoothly.

Docket Clerks find open courtrooms, available Judges, and free support staff, like Bailiffs and Court Reporters, who can work during the times needed. Any necessary paperwork goes through you, like motions to allow evidence or court records, to name a few. Docket Clerks keep Judges posted on the cases they’ll be hearing, and make sure everyone involved in a case has a copy of any paperwork filed by the other side. In some positions, you even get to swear people in the court, making them promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Paperwork and customer service are both big in this job. You act as a liaison between the court and the people who use it, so you need to have not only excellent customer service skills but also great attention to detail. You send out information about what happens in court, what someone needs to bring to court, and the proper way to behave while in court.

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