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Dock Hand



Secure vessels and oversee dock operations.

What does a Dock Hand do?

Dock hands secure vessels safely, coordinate their arrival and departure, oversee dock operations with a checklist, and welcome slip holders with courtesy. As a dock hand, you liaise between customers and the team of managers in the port.

You’re responsible for the overall efficient operation of the docks and facility. In addition to maintaining an inventory list, dock hands remove and dispose of trash, oversee sewage pumping operations, and report electrical readings at slip pedestals. The areas designated by the dock master, such as restrooms and ramp ways, need to be cleaned.

It’s necessary to examine vessel stability and perform a number of inspections. It’s also your responsibility to ensure that slip holders do not install, secure, or attach items to any part of marina property. Any appearance of sheen on water needs to be alerted for leakage of fuel. Sometimes, you may help conduct special events at the marina. You know how to handle lines and can lift and move weights. The ability to use a computer and radio, as well as the ability to read, write, and understand work instructions, boat-handling experience and knowledge of nautical terms are essential skills.

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