Divorce Mediator

Help couples work out the terms of their divorce outside of a court.

What does a Divorce Mediator do?

Just like any TV family drama will tell you, divorce is never pretty. However, a full-on plate-throwing, tire-slashing war can be avoided with the help of a Divorce Mediator. As a Divorce Mediator, you work with couples who are splitting, and help them come to an agreement that divides financial assets, time with children, and conjugal properties.

Your role as Divorce Mediator is to ask questions and to listen. But if it sounds like the job of a Therapist, it’s not. The questions you ask identify divorce issues that need to be dealt with, and help the couple come up with the solutions to their problems.

Divorce is something people don’t go through often, so they don’t really know what to do when it happens. Your job is to bring up issues they might not be thinking of but need to deal with. Examples of questions you’re likely to ask are, “Who gets the dog?” or “What will you do with the stocks given to you both as a wedding present?” You handle issues like child support or spouse support, and help decide who will serve as the primary parent for the kids.

If you’re wondering why anyone would do this instead of settling in court, the answer is that it’s cheaper and often more civil. Lawyers can charge unbelievably high fees for divorce cases, and things can get ugly when you have two sides who both want to win. Mediation lets the couple actually talk and handle their problems with words rather than legal proceedings.