Divorce Lawyer

Work with couples to dissolve marriages and divide assets.

What does a Divorce Lawyer do?

A Divorce Lawyer works with one spouse during the course of divorce proceedings. This means you gather information, complete paperwork, and represent your client in court as needed.

When a husband and wife head into divorce, there is a lot of opportunity for arguments, misunderstandings, and disagreements over the division of assets. In fact, it can get downright ugly. At some point in the process, one of the spouses calls you, the Divorce Lawyer, for advice and assistance. Your first job is to interview your client and gather as much information as you can about the spouse, children, finances, assets, and history of the marriage.

With this information, Divorce Lawyers complete and send notices to the other spouse, informing him or her of your client’s wishes. Once the spouse responds, you decide if the divorce is being contested (meaning that the other spouse doesn’t agree to it). If it is contested, you prepare the paperwork required to have the case heard in front of a Judge.

If the spouse does not contest, you monitor settlement discussions between your client, the spouse, and the spouse’s Lawyer. The goal is to divide the assets such as the home, business, and investments, as well as establish a plan for the children. Sometimes, it is just impossible for spouses to come to an agreement. When that happens, the case is sent to a Judge to decide. Throughout the process, you use your knowledge of the law to achieve the most beneficial outcome for your client.