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Divorce Coach



Help clients deal with the challenges of divorce.

What does a Divorce Coach do?

The death of a loved one, illness, a move, or a job change top any list of the most stressful life events. Add divorce to that list and it’s easy to see why Divorce Coaches exist. People struggling with the major life changes that divorce brings need someone to help them through the process. It’s the job of Divorce Coaches to listen and guide these clients with empathy and understanding as they deal with custody, money, housing, and emotional issues.

As a Divorce Coach, you’re typically a Therapist or Counselor who specializes in clients struggling with divorce. Common topics include custody issues and parenting goals. Your role is to be supportive and understanding. Your clients are dealing with a lot of raw emotion, so they rely on you to be a sounding board.

Besides being a good listener, you help clients make the tough decisions. Should he seek full custody of the kids? Should she sell the house, rent it out, or ask for it in the settlement?

In addition to dividing assets and figuring out what’s best for the kids, you help clients focus on the emotional side of divorce. Often, that means helping them set new goals, which may be very different from those they had just a few months ago. It also means connecting them with resources, such as Lawyers, Psychologists, or Child Care Providers. Through this process, your clients regain their confidence, develop a more positive outlook for the future, and create a plan for dealing with the challenges ahead.

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