Division Order Analyst

Pay out profits to oil and gas shareholders.

What does a Division Order Analyst do?

Oil wells, coal mines, and natural gas pipelines may have many different owners. And each owner may have a different share of the costs, and the profits. Your job as a Division Order Analyst is to determine each owner’s share, and distribute checks accordingly.

You may work for only one company, keeping detailed records about the people who own the company’s equipment and resources. You find out what kind of maintenance needs to be done, and how much that work will cost. You also get reports about any profits your company is making. Then you do complicated math to determine how much of the cost each owner is responsible for, and how much of the profit each person is allowed.

Good recordkeeping is key. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to make sure that the proper people are being paid the proper amounts.

You may also work as a Division Order Analyst on a contract basis. You come into a company you’re unfamiliar with, and straighten out the paperwork so the proper people can be paid.

Since your job as a Division Order Analyst involves distributing wealth, people may be pleased to work with you. If the company isn’t doing well, however, you may have to explain why expenses are eating up profits. These days can be uncomfortable, to say the least, and you’ll likely be the happiest employee in sight when the company turns back around.