Diving Official

Ensure proper diving guidelines are followed and score dives.

What does a Diving Official do?

For little kids, the best dive is easy to determine: It’s the one that makes the biggest splash. When dealing with Athletes at a higher level, though – like those in college, the Olympics, or even high school – determining the best dive is a little bit trickier. As a Diving Official, you look at things like form, quality of tuck, and (much to the disappointment of your seven-year-old self) lack of splash.

Though the smell of chlorine and the sound of a pool will always be constant in this job as Diving Official , the workplace and the workload change depending on the level of competition you oversee. If you judge at the high school level, you probably hold another job and only work as a Diving Official on weekends. But if you judge at the Olympic level, you probably work all year round.

You’re a bit like a Horse Show Judge in that you look for an Athlete who not only is the most technically perfect, but also displays the best form while competing. This means when Divers launch themselves off the end of the board, you’re checking to make sure they’re completing the correct dive while also keeping their legs straight and moving with grace. The score you give is based on a 10-point scale, with points being awarded on things like the difficulty of the dive, the quality of the take-off, and the look of the entrance.

Though picking a winner is important, you also want to make sure the rules are being followed. In that sense, you’re like a Referee, making sure the proper swimsuits are worn and no illegal performance-enhancing drugs are taken.