Diving Judge

Rate and score the grace and technical precision of competing divers.

What does a Diving Judge do?

As a Diving Judge, you award scores in a diving competition, and it’s not always the Diver who makes the biggest splash that walks away with a gold medal around their neck. Familiar with everything from a reverse to a tuck to a pike, Diving Judge are a first-class measurer of what makes a dive so-so, and what makes it spectacular.

With the U.S.A. Diving Point Scale in their pocket, Diving Judges observe each dive and give it a score between 1.0 and 10.0-and quickly. Often, there’s only a lapse of a minute or so between each Diver, and not a lot of time to sweat out a decision. Your judgments are swift and accurate. There’s no long deliberation period, and you’re confident with your decisions.

The system used to describe a dive right before the takeoff can seem complicated to the average onlooker, but you know exactly what a 101A is (a forward straight dive) and how it should be performed. And when there’s a failed dive or a balk, you’re not afraid to be the one to point it out, even if it means you must eliminate a Diver from the competition.

The pool and the diving boards are your arena, and you rule over them with a fair hand. At first, your reign might only encompass a small community pool as you coach a local club team, but if you advance through college and master diving, and prove your expertise, there might be a spot at the Judges’ table waiting for you at the Olympics.