Diving Fisher

Gather marine life, such as sponges, abalone, pearl oysters and geoducks.

What does a Diving Fisher do?

Gathers or harvests marine life, such as sponges, abalone, pearl oysters, and geoducks from sea bottom, wearing wet suit and scuba gear, or diving suit with air line extending to surface: Climbs overboard or is lowered into water from boat by lifeline. Picks up pearl oysters; tears sponges from sea bottom; pries abalone from rocks, using bar; and flushes geoducks from sand, using air gun connected to air compressor on boat. Places catch in bag or basket and tugs on line to have catch pulled to boat, or surfaces and empties catch on boat or in container. Signals other workers to extend or retract air lines. May monitor air lines and operate air compressor as alternating member of diving crew. May be designated according to quarry sought as Abalone Diver; Geoduck Diver; Pearl Diver; Sponge Diver.