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Diving Coach



Motivate promising divers to perfect their form and reduce splashes.

What does a Diving Coach do?

“Fly through the air with the greatest of ease…” might originally have been written to describe Trapeze Artists, but it could just as easily apply to Professional Divers — the Athletes charged with falling gracefully and artistically from a diving board into water, landing with the minimum amount of splash. Though not the one actually on the end of the board, the Diving Coach helps Divers get a perfect dive every time.

The skill of Divers can really vary. As a Diving Coach, you might work with a small high school dive team, or you might coach future Olympians. Though high school Diving Coaches might get satisfaction from the work they do, the cold truth is you won’t get much money working at this level, and most of those Coaches have other jobs, like teaching. If you hope to truly make a career out of coaching, then you need to work with potential Olympians, whether they’re still in high school or diving for their college.

Whether you work for a club diving team or coach undergrad students, your job is pretty much the same. You instruct and motivate your Divers to grow their skills and improve on their weaknesses.

Though technically, diving is a team sport, you work individually with your Athletes to get them to improve. You watch as each one works, and give suggestions tailored to their skills. One Diver might need to extend more before they hit the water, while another might need to strengthen their core muscles to get a better tuck.

You break the bad habits of your Athletes, working towards dives that win them a perfect 10 every time they compete.

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