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Diversified Crops Farmworker II

Perform duties involved in planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops.

What does a Diversified Crops Farmworker II do?

Performs any combination of following manual duties involved in planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops on diversified-crop farm, such as wheat, onion and sugar-beet farm and tomato and sweet-potato farm: Rides on planter and brushes debris from furrow-plowing spouts. Plants roots and bulbs, using hoe or trowel. Transplants seedlings, using hand transplanter. Covers plants to protect them from weather, using sheets or caps of treated cloth or paper. Weeds and thins plants, using hoe or spoon-shaped tool. Sets out poles and strings wires or twine to build trellises or fences. Positions and ties leaves or tendrils of plants, such as watermelons and cabbages, to promote market-quality development. Prunes limbs, runners, or buds from trees or vines to shape plants and promote productivity, using shears and saws. Harvests crops using appropriate method, such as picking, pulling, and cutting. Cuts off tops of root plants and sacks or bunches and ties harvested crops to facilitate handling. Picks out debris, such as vines and culls, to clean harvested crops, and cleans up area around harvesting machines. May be identified with work performed, such as planting, weeding, and picking.