Dive Instructor

Teach people how to safely explore the underwater world.

What does a Dive Instructor do?

The bottom of the ocean contains many strange, bulbous, and beautiful plants and animals. When people want to take a gander at this environment, a Dive Instructor helps them strap into the appropriate gear and take a tour safely.

As a Dive Instructor, you may live in a warm, wet resort town that’s often besieged with tourists. Your job as Dive Instructor is to help these vacationers learn to dive, of course, but you also play the part of cheerful native. You’re kind and witty, always ready to share a story and heap lavish praise on your often inept, loud clients. You scan the beautiful surroundings whenever you need a reminder of why you love your job.

You help your students select and get into the proper scuba gear. Your job may also entail taking their payments for that equipment. If your students are very green and unsure of themselves, you give them their first lesson in a swimming pool. Once they feel confident, you load them onto a boat and take them to a pretty spot for scuba diving.

When your students are in the water, you’re on constant alert, making sure everyone is safe and having a good time. Along the way, you assist struggling students with their gear, help terrified people back onto the boat, and point out beautiful sights to your new students.

When the tour is done and you’re back at the base, you say goodbye to your students, and clean up the boat and diving gear to prepare for the next day.