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Distribution Coordinator



Ensure the proper storage and movement of goods at a warehouse.

What does a Distribution Coordinator do?

A full-to-bursting warehouse is a warehouse that isn’t running efficiently. A Distribution Coordinator works to ensure that supplies are leaving the warehouse and going to customers, and that the supplies on hand are organized, clean, and ready to be shipped when they are ordered.

Your duties as a Distribution Coordinator will vary depending on what’s being stored in the warehouse you work in. If you work for a pharmaceutical company, for example, you need to go through the inventory periodically to ensure that your supplies haven’t expired. This step would obviously not be required if you work for a motorcycle manufacturing company.

If you work for a clothing company, you’ll be required to search the warehouse periodically for pests that can infest the clothing. This step would obviously not be part of your job in a warehouse that stores metal screens.

Some parts of the job are quite standard, however. When new inventory arrives at the warehouse, you’re responsible for recording the arrival and putting the inventory away. You also make sure the aisles are kept clear. When items are ordered, you direct staff to ship them, and keep logs that the items have left the warehouse.

You notify your Supervisor if your stock is depleted, and work with other Distribution Coordinators if clients order more items than you have on hand. You may owe these other Coordinators special gifts for bailing you out of a tight spot.

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