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Distiller II

Control continuous still equipment to distill pine oleoresin.

What does a Distiller II do?

Controls continuous still equipment to distill pine oleoresin into oil of turpentine and rosin: Turns valves to transfer heated oleoresin from melting vats into cleaning, filtering, and washing tanks to clean, filter, and wash trash, foreign matter, and other impurities from resin preparatory to distillation. Pours specified amounts of oxalic acid into tanks to facilitate cleansing process, using graduated cylinder. Drains impurities from wash tanks and starts pump that forces resin into still. Turns valve to circulate water through steam jackets. Observes temperature gauge and turns valve to regulate heat to specified temperature to condense turpentine vapors. Turns valve to drain rosin from still. Observes sample of distillate for clarity and separation of turpentine from oleoresin to determine completion of distillation. Occasionally replaces filters in tank and cleans tank as necessary.