Distance Learning Coordinator

Manage the online learning program of a college or company.

What does a Distance Learning Coordinator do?

Distance Learning Coordinators are in charge of creating, coordinating, and managing virtual classrooms. Thanks to Distance Learning Coordinators, students can still “go to class” even without being physically present in the classroom.

As a Distance Learning Coordinator, you’re employed primarily by colleges and universities for the purpose of educating students, but also by trade associations, nonprofits, and private enterprises for the purpose of training workers. You’re not the person who teaches online classes. Instead, you’re the person who organizes them.

That means you design, develop, and deploy e-learning content and curriculums, and also select, implement, and manage web-based learning platforms. In addition, you select and supervise distance learning staff, then schedule distance learning programs. Next, you collect and distribute course materials. And on top of all that, you’re in charge of promoting distance learning offerings, maintaining student records, and managing student enrollment.

Equally knowledgeable about education and technology, you’re part Educator, part IT whiz. And in the context of electronic learning, that makes you the equivalent of an Academic Dean in an online school. After all, although the classroom is virtual, the students, the lessons, and the learning are all 100 percent real.