Display Maker

Design, fabricate, assemble, or install displays, exhibits, and models.

What does a Display Maker do?

Designs, fabricates, assembles, or installs displays, exhibits, and models of point-of-sale displays: Designs displays or exhibits from pictures or sketches or according to verbal instructions from customer. Lays out, cuts, shapes, and finishes wood, plastic, plexiglass, sheet metal, and hardboard parts of displays, using woodworking machines, metal machines, and handtools, according to drawings or blueprints. Cuts glass to specified shape with glasscutter. Assembles parts with nails, screws, bolts, and glue, using handtools. Confers with designer, customer, or salesperson regarding refinements, additions, and adjustments. May disassemble display to make working drawings for production run and to produce estimates for accounting and sales departments. Reassembles display and sends it to prospective customer. May wire display for illumination, audio, or video. May travel and set up display on designated site. May specialize in making diorama models and be designated Diorama Model-Maker.