Dispensing Optician

Sell prescription eyewear to customers.

What does a Dispensing Optician do?

After an eye appointment, the next person the patient visits is you, the Dispensing Optician. That’s because you fit and sell eyewear, whether that’s glasses, contacts, or monocles.

This position of a Dispensing Optician is a bit of a mix between a Salesperson and an Eye Doctor. You’re the one who reads the prescription the Optometrist has written, and then explains to the patient what it means. You give suggestions as a Dispensing Optician, on the type of glasses they should be wearing, and answer any questions they may have, like “Can I wear contacts?” or “What does my prescription mean?” and the ever-important “Can I pull off this frame shape?”

You talk a lot with your client to make sure they get the exact glasses they want and need. You figure out things like how often they’ll be wearing the glasses and what they need them for. You also measure their face.

These measurements let you make changes to the glasses, like tightening or loosening the temples (the long sidepieces that connect the rims to your ears) or adding protective soft parts so the glasses can be worn comfortably. You also explain how to clean and maintain the glasses to keep them in good condition.

After they’ve found the perfect pair of glasses to fit their personality and their astigmatism, you get to work doing the sales part of your job. You check to make sure their insurance covers the price of their glasses, ring up the sale, and handle any necessary paperwork or payment issues.