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Dispensing Audiologist

Diagnose hearing problems and prescribe the right hearing aid.

What does a Dispensing Audiologist do?

A hearing aid can open up a new world of sound. Hearing-impaired people can suddenly hear birds signing, phones ringing, and Politicians lying. The world becomes a richer place.

This wonder device is the main tool of your trade if you’re a Dispensing Audiologist. In this career, you diagnose hearing loss, just like a regular Audiologist does, but you take the job one step further by prescribing hearing aids.

Some patients who visit Dispensing Audiologists have already failed hearing tests provided by Audiometrists. Frustrated spouses may also bring their partners to see you when the television volume becomes cause for nightly arguments. Both groups of patients have yet another hearing test at your hands, just so you can ensure that a hearing problem does exist. Dispensing Audiologists may play tones and ask them to lift their fingers when they hear them, or you may ask them to repeat phrases that you whisper.

If you determine that the person truly has a hearing problem, and if a hearing aid might help, you outline the hearing aid types you find most helpful. Then, you fit the hearing aid in the person’s ears and show them how it works. Sometimes, you take molds of the person’s ears and order fancy hearing aids based on those molds.

Patients come to visit you two or three weeks after they receive their hearing aids, and you perform another set of hearing tests to make sure they can hear properly with the aids. Sometimes, you adjust the fit of the aids to make them more comfortable.