Clean dirty pots, pans, and plates to keep a restaurant running smoothly.

What does a Dishwasher do?

As a Dishwasher, your job is to take dirty pots and plates, and make them clean again. You can work anywhere there’s a kitchen, so that means places like restaurants, cafes, hospitals, prisons, and schools.

Just like doing dishes in your house, this job starts by gathering the dishes and then putting them in a dishwashing machine. The differences between your dishwasher at home and the one you use at work are size and speed. Industrial dishwashers are huge and can hold lots of dishes at once. They also take only minutes to clean dirty pots and pans, as opposed to the 20-plus minutes you have to wait at home.

Dirty dishes are loaded onto specialized trays, and then placed into the machine. Then you close the door and let the machine do its job. After a few minutes, the dishes are done. You then pull out the now clean tray from one side, and insert another load of dirty dishes in the other. You take the clean dishes from the tray and then put them in their specific place in the kitchen so they can be used again by the Chef or wait staff.

This job can be really fast-paced. During busy mealtimes, you will be constantly moving trays of dishes through the machine. In slower periods, you clean the kitchen by sweeping and mopping floors or wiping countertops. You also check on the dishwasher in case you need to pour in more dish soap or perform basic maintenance.