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Disc Jockey



Create and run music playlists, songs, and guest interviews on the radio.

What does a Disc Jockey do?

When you’re a Disc Jockey, or DJ, you’re part audiophile, part superhero. You know the hottest beats, and are at the forefront of the music scene. But it’s your job as Disc Jockey to not only love music, but also to use it to save unsuspecting guests from boring parties – or commutes, clubs or computers, depending on what type of DJ you are.

Whether you’re a Party DJ, Radio DJ, or Club DJ your job is entertaining people by playing musical recordings, either at live events or via broadcast. More than that, though, being a Disc Jockey is also matching the right recordings to the right audience; compiling them into compelling playlists based on criteria such as genre, length and tempo; then using special equipment – headphones, a computer, mixers, audio players, speakers and amplifiers – to make sure your music’s not just played, but also heard.

Of course, your personality is just as important as your playlists, as DJs often are required to play the role of Emcee and Host, making announcements, for instance, conducting interviews and taking calls from listeners. If you do your job well, those calls will be to tell you how awesome the party is.

This is a great launching point into any sort of audio-production career. You’ll learn how to dissect and mix tracks according to all sorts of factors. And, you learn all that while you get people up and dancing-a visual confirmation of just how cool you and your taste are.

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