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Disabled Driver Instructor

Teach physically disabled people how to drive with modified vehicles.

What does a Disabled Driver Instructor do?

Learning to drive a car is a landmark in a person’s life. That goal is often achieved through guidance from a friend, family member, or Driving Instructor. But, when a driver is physically disabled, he or she may find it difficult to find the right mentor for the job.

In comes the Disabled Driver Instructor. Disabled Driver Instructors teach students the rules of the road and the intricacies of the specialized vehicles they’ll drive.

As a Disabled Driver Instructor, you’re part Counselor, part Physical Therapist, and part Teacher. Most of all, you’re a Cheerleader. For your students, learning to drive-or relearning after an injury-is challenging and can cause frustration and anger. But you understand, so you help them push through and stay on task.

The vehicles that you train on have bells and whistles that other cars don’t have. For example, you might drive a small van that has a wheelchair ramp. Or the steering, breaking, or acceleration might be controlled by a mouth, hand, or foot control. You might even teach your student to drive with a left foot accelerator.

Often, the job starts with a medical evaluation. This allows you to identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, you teach road rules and spend time practicing behind the wheel. With your gentle guidance, your student is soon out on his or her own, enjoying the freedom of the open road.