Director of University Relations

Shape and promote your university's image.

What does a Director of University Relations do?

Universities are multifaceted, living, breathing entities. They’re businesses, research facilities, schools, athletic and musical programs, and political playgrounds. Because a university has so many aspects, it’s important to relay a consistent image to the community and the nation. It’s the job of the Director of University Relations to make sure every department promotes the same image.

Think about the different college campuses around the country. Some are known for fun, some for football, some for agriculture, some for music. But one thing they all have in common is that they need paying students in order to keep the doors open. When you’re a Director of University Relations, part of your job is to oversee the recruitment of Athletes, Musicians, and wannabe Scientists.

Sometimes, your job as a Director of University Relations lets you represent the campus through public-speaking engagements, but mostly, you’re the Puppeteer behind the scenes. You manage the staff that builds a social networking presence and creates effective advertising campaigns. After all, every magazine and online ad portrays an image of the campus, and that image is your bar of gold in bringing in investors, qualified teaching staff, and new students.

Because most departments report to you, you have a desk littered with marketing ideas, promotional plans, promising scientific breakthroughs from the pharmacology department, and budgets. In addition, you handle the backlash when an Athlete is arrested or a Professor wins the lottery. Then, of course, there are your relations office management duties as well. Good thing you hate to be bored.