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Director of Student Affairs



Plan and arrange activities of student groups, according to policies.

What does a Director of Student Affairs do?

Plans and arranges social, cultural, and recreational activities of various student groups, according to university policies and regulations: Meets with student and faculty groups to plan activities. Evaluates programs and suggests modifications. Schedules events to prevent overlapping and coordinates activities with sports and other university programs. Contacts caterers, entertainers, decorators, and others to arrange for scheduled events. Conducts orientation program for new students with other members of faculty and staff. Advises student groups on financial status of and methods for improving their organizations. Promotes student participation in social, cultural, and recreational activities. May coordinate preparation and publishing of student affairs calendar. May provide individual or group counseling on selection of social activities and use of leisure time. May be designated according to activity performed as Fraternity Adviser; Women’s-Activities Adviser.

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