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Director of Religious Activities

Organize classes and other activities that spread religious teachings.

What does a Director of Religious Activities do?

Religion is a lifelong education. Regardless of denomination, there are plenty of ways to learn about religion, as well as varying depths of religious understanding. For many, that education comes in the form of church classes, religious schools, seminars, and other structured opportunities. The Director of Religious Activities is in charge of the staff, curriculum, and organization of religion-based programs.

When you’re the Director of Religious Activities, part of your job is to hire, train, and evaluate Teachers. That means a chunk of your time is spent locating qualified Instructors and ensuring that they have the same goals as you do. Your supervision empowers Teachers to try new teaching techniques, interact with students in a variety of ways (including field trips, tests, and debates), and foster an environment for religious exploration.

Outside of the classroom, your position as Director of Religious Activities creates opportunities for students of religion, both young and young at heart. You coordinate youth groups, plan seminars and retreats, organize conferences, and schedule camp activities. Your goal is to introduce a variety of ways for students to tap into religious activities.

In addition to managing classroom enrollment, teaching methods, course selection, and learning materials, you offer up your skills as a Religious Counselor. Church members come to you to discuss questions about religion, career choices, or even marital problems. You do your best to offer guidance in accordance with their religious beliefs.