Director of Patient Care

Ensure great patient service at a hospital.

What does a Director of Patient Care do?

A Director of Patient Care, also known as a Director of Patient Services, is the healthcare equivalent of a Retail Store Manager: They serve as a Supervisor who’s paid to make sure their customers – patients – have a positive experience.

As a Director of Patient Care, you assume several responsibilities, including those for staffing, budgeting, and recordkeeping. Your duties, for instance, include hiring and training new staff, and supervising patient admissions. You also monitor budgets, maintain patient records, and ensure regulatory compliance. In addition, you improve customer service by implementing efficient front-office procedures, dealing with patient complaints, and evaluating employee performance.

A senior-level Health Unit Coordinator who’s also a trained Nurse, you’re kind of like the General Manager of a healthcare facility’s administrative functions: Although you leave the back-office health care to Doctors, it’s your job to manage the front office, including its people, policies, procedures, and pocketbook. As a result, the facility is as much a successful business as it is a model healthcare provider!