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Director of Nursing

Maintain a high level of patient care by training and managing Nurses.

What does a Director of Nursing do?

As you dress wounds and dole out medications, maybe you’re really daydreaming about a new program for teaching Nurses the latest medical advancements, or how communications between Nurses and Doctors could be more effective. If you’re interested in the bigger picture of how Nurses contribute to a healthcare facility, maybe you’re cut out for the Director of Nursing position.

As the Director of Nursing, you manage and represent all of the Nurses on staff at your hospital, nursing home, hospice, or other healthcare facility. The Director of Nursing also recruits qualified Nurses, oversee their training, evaluate their performance, and provide them with opportunities for professional development.

Your managerial role doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing patients anymore. You actually need to know about all of the patients that are receiving nursing care. With your observations of the staff and patients, you can streamline and organize nursing operations so that Nurses are doing their best work and patients are getting the best care possible. Since you’ll be serving as a liaison between the executives, the Doctors, the Nurses, and the patients, you need to know what’s going on all around the facility.

It’s a lot of responsibility-in fact, you’ll probably be the one appearing in court if any legal cases arise related to the nursing care at your facility. But you’ll also have the chance to make decisions that could improve the healthcare system. Did you know that Nurses could have so much power?