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Director of Marketing



Create concepts and strategies to sell products.

What does a Director of Marketing do?

A Director of Marketing is a jack-of-all-trades in the marketing and advertising world. You combine marketing, promotions and advertising expertise to make a company more visible to the public, sell a product or obtain clients

As a Director of Marketing you hold both creative and logistical duties. You may start a campaign in front of a drawing pad, creating marketing designs and advertisements. After a concept is developed, a Director of Marketing will establish the theme, color and method of displaying the design or advertisement, such as in a television commercial or on a billboard. If you work for a large agency, you then need to present and defend your ideas to the executive board

In addition to (and sometimes in lieu of) your own projects, you review and make recommendations on staff designs and ideas. This means that will have veto power over the new employee who wants to use scantily clad Models to sell cleaning supplies to stay-at-home-moms

As these designs evolve, you oversee the research that will make them successful: You’ll analyze market potential, forecast profit and set a marketing budget. Marking out this data puts everyone on the same page: It allows you to set goals for the campaign, and measure if the campaign succeeds

This job overflows with creativity and personal interaction. Plus, you have a lot of freedom in where you would like to work. You can choose to focus on one particular group of customers, for example, males ages 40-60, which could result in you playing with toy Ferrari’s all day long, or on with a particular product, which could, again, result in your playing with toy Ferrari’s.n

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