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Director of Health Education

Devise programs to improve the health of workers and community members.

What does a Director of Health Education do?

As a Director of Health Education, you oversee educational programs for communities, civic organizations, large companies, hospitals, or labor unions. Working with other health care and education professionals, a Director of Health Education will coordinate programs, goals, and health services to meet the needs of clients such as community members and employees.

One area you’re likely to focus on is health and wellness. For example, if you’re employed by a hospital, you evaluate the current health status of the employees and determine where improvement is needed. If you find that 55 percent of employees don’t participate in adequate exercise, you work with other professionals to evaluate what options are available and convenient (if it’s easy to access, more people will use it), and then you make recommendations. You may propose an outdoor exercise program, allowing employees an extra 15-minute exercise break each day, or a collaboration with a gym to offer discounted memberships.

Excellent communication, planning, and analytical skills are essential as a Director of Health Education. You must be able to articulate your findings, recommendations, and execution plans to your Supervisors and the audience as well.

Using your powers of persuasion, backed up by solid research, you strive to educate the community on living a healthier lifestyle. You work a consistent schedule in an office environment, which makes the job comfortable and dependable. But more importantly, it’s a rewarding position because you work toward the greater good.