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Director of Finance

Control a smaller company's budget, spending, and profits.

What does a Director of Finance do?

As Director of Finance you completely manage and oversee the budget of the company you work for. In other words, the buck stops with you. This title is very similar to that of a CFO, but tends to be found in a smaller, or less financially-centric companies, and thus the Director of Finance is likely to deal with other departments, such as advertising and marketing, rather than solely focusing on investments.

A big part of this job as Director of Finance has to do with managing the money your company already has committed. This includes looking over the budget to ensure it is being spent wisely and that there is a steady profit. You are also in charge of the company’s payroll, managing the payments being made out to investors, and, if you have clients that need to be billed, managing that invoicing.

Another part of your role is to oversee new expenditures, specifically, the investment proposals that the Financial Manager of a company comes up with. You are the final position, below a President or CEO, to review the investment opportunities that come up the ranks. There needs to be a budget for that investment, and there needs to be a plausible return on that money, both of which you will be in charge of once the investment is made.

If the business you work for sells a particular product, then it is also up to you to make sure that that product is being marketed correctly for maximum profits, and that the money coming from it is significantly greater than the money being put into its production.

All together, your role is very expansive, and you get to direct the direction of that bottom line.