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Director of Field Service

Direct and coordinate regional program activities of nonprofit agencies.

What does a Director of Field Service do?

Directs and coordinates regional program activities of nonprofit agency to provide specialized human services, such as water safety programs, disaster relief, and emergency transportation: Consults with cooperating agencies, such as police, firefighters, and emergency ambulance services, to coordinate efforts and define areas of jurisdiction. Participates in program activities to serve clients of agency. Prepares budgets to control costs and to allocate funds in accordance with provisions and agency charter. May instruct agency staff and volunteers in skills required to provide services. May requisition and arrange for maintenance of equipment, such as two-way radios and agency vehicles. May coordinate services to disaster victims and be designated Disaster Director. May coordinate safety programs, such as water safety and emergency first aid, and be designated Safety Director. May coordinate transportation of agency clients, blood, and medical supplies and equipment and be designated Transportation Director.