Director of Events

Lead a team to arrange big bashes and events.

What does a Director of Events do?

As the Director of Events you will be responsible for everything from the planning of an event to its execution. You will oversee Event Managers, Event Planners, and Event Coordinators and make sure the actual event itself goes off with as few problems as possible. The actual conception and planning of an event will fall to a team of Planners, though you should be involved once an idea is decided upon.

It will be up to the Director of Events in the early stages of event planning to ensure that the right choices have been made for the client, and that the budget is being considered carefully. A Director of Events may have direct contact with the clients, and even guests on the day of the event, so it’s important to keep your game face on and be ready to face any unforeseen problems.

On the actual day of an event it will be up to you to make sure everything goes smoothly: It is going to be your name and face that’s representing the company you’re working for, so you want to make sure you’re represented well. You should be very focused, organized, able to juggle multiple tasks at a time, and be calm under pressure. Always expect the unexpected, and be ready for anything.