Director of Credit

Oversee a team of credit analysis staff and direct bank-wide lending.

What does a Director of Credit do?

As a Director of Credit, you’re part Manager and part Loan Officer. That’s because, in order to supervise the staff that performs credit analysis, you must first understand the process yourself. In fact, you’ve probably held a Credit Investigator, Credit Analyst, Loan Underwriter, Loan Officer, or other position that gave you experience with the loan process.

Once you hit the Director’s seat, your job becomes more about managing your staff. The Director of Credit directs the activities of the loan and credit department within a bank or other lending institution. This means your time is divided between answering questions for your staff and reporting to your bosses, typically a Board of Directors, CFO, and CEO.

The job of Director of Credit involves a lot of paperwork. You create monthly reports which outline the number of loans applied for, and the number approved or declined. You also track new and existing customer bases to determine the financial standing of the company.

With an eye on the future, you are a key player in determining the financial goals for upcoming weeks, months, and years. In addition to your paperwork, you also review the applications, appraisals, closing documents, and compliance of others.

On the managerial side, you’re responsible for interviewing and hiring staff members for your department. You also handle scheduling, promotions, evaluations, and discipline. Your employees are your greatest resource, so you invest your time in training, problem solving, and communication.