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Director of Counseling



Run counseling and mental health services programs for those in need.

What does a Director of Counseling do?

Even the most charitable endeavors must be run like a business in order to stay afloat. And in the case of counseling and mental health services, that business is typically managed by a Director of Counseling.

If you’re a Director of Counseling, you work for a college, university, hospital, or community center, where it’s your job to run the institution’s counseling program for students, patients, and/or residents. Part Therapist, part Manager, you counsel people who are in need of mental and emotional guidance. During individual and group appointments, you talk to them about their problems — with family, career, school, and relationships — and help them develop solutions. That’s the “Counseling” part of your job as a Director of Counseling.

At the same time, you’re responsible for administration and management. For example, you enforce your department’s policies and procedures, develop its services, and oversee its budget. You also coordinate its communications and delegate its workload. In addition, you supervise, evaluate, and train its employees, ranging from Career Counselors and Therapists to Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Social Workers. That’s the “Director” part of your job.

Day in and day out, you combine both elements of your position to plan, organize, and create a Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) department that is financially, procedurally, and therapeutically successful. More than the boss, therefore, think of yourself as your institution’s “Counselor in Chief”!

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