Director of Corporate Strategy

Introduce changes to improve a company's operations.

What does a Director of Corporate Strategy do?

Corporate Strategy is an area of business that focuses on making plans or changes for the future. It involves identifying problems, creating solutions, and implementing changes. As Director of Corporate Strategy, you supervise this entire process.

Production line hang-ups, problems with employee benefit packages, software or equipment malfunctions, and marketing efforts falling below projections are all issues that affect a business’s bottom line. If a business is not hitting the numbers it wants, a Director of Corporate Strategy will be asked to figure out why not. Sometimes the solution is as simple as replacing a piece of equipment. Other times it requires a major overhaul.

To figure out what solution your situation calls for, the Director of Corporate Strategy begins by identifying the problem. This is done through analyzing reports, interviewing employees, and observing procedures first hand.

With this information, you evaluate the best ways to solve the problem. Should the company change insurance providers? Cut life insurance benefits? Update old equipment? Hire a different advertising agency? Perhaps the company needs to make scheduling changes, such as moving to a four-day work week. Maybe the production line should be sent overseas.

Any or all of these changes take time, money, and effort to implement. Your job is to approve resources, manage employees, clearly outline expectations, and monitor the changes as they are put in place. That’s no easy job, and one that requires a unique set of skills. Strong communication skills are needed in dealings with employees, bosses, vendors, and customers. In addition, you need to multi-task and love the challenge of solving problems.