Director of Assisted Living

Run an assisted living facility that cares for senior citizens.

What does a Director of Assisted Living do?

The Director of Assisted Living, as the name suggests, is the person at the helm of an assisted living facility. This facility is an option for the elderly who don’t need all the help a nursing home offers. It may be that they are able to live independently but no longer want the responsibility of running a household, or occasionally require medical assistance. In this case, an assisted living facility may be an ideal living situation.

As Director of Assisted Living, you make sure the home is being run correctly. You keep an eye on workers, ensuring all laws and regulations are being followed. You create an environment that suits your clients’ needs.

A big part of this job is administrative. As the Director of Assisted Living, you check on all aspects of the facility. You make sure all your employees-from the people creating art projects to the Nurses giving out medicines-have proper credentials. You hire and fire employees, train new ones, give facility tours, and coordinate the right kind of care for each resident. You make sure a client who needs a Driver doesn’t get a Nurse specialized in grooming. You also serve as the face of the facility, always putting it in the best light.

You might start your day by meeting with the families of new residents, and end it at a conference, marketing your facility to other Directors and the general community. As the facility’s head, you are the person Managers and Heads of different departments report to. Employees come to you with problems, and it’s your job to find the solution. Say, the health care division needs more oxygen tanks, it’s you who must find money in the budget to buy more.