Tend machines that dip forms into tanks of coagulant or liquid latex.

What does a Dipper do?

Tends machine that dips forms into tanks of coagulant or liquid latex to produce rubber goods, such as gloves and balloons: Lifts form board from conveyor and fastens form board to machine bed with hinge clamps and slide bolts. Manually inverts bed and moves lever to submerge forms in tank of solution according to specifications. Raises and rocks bed to create movement that dries coagulant or equally distributes and sets latex on forms. Lifts boards to conveyor for next process. Adds solutions to tanks, using dipper to speed drying time or replenish supply to specified level. May tend automatic dipping machine that fabricates artificial rubber gloves. May be designated according to dipping solution used as Coagulant Dipper; Latex Dipper.