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Dipper and Baker

Dip assembled electrical equipment components into materials and tend oven.

What does a Dipper and Baker do?

Dips assembled electrical equipment components into materials, such as varnish, enamel, or asphalt to insulate wires and coils and tends oven that dries dipped components: Pours dipping solution into vat and measures consistency with hydrometer, adding thinner to control density. Sets vat thermostat at prescribed temperature. Hangs or bolts components to be dipped, such as armatures or transformers, on racks, lifts them manually or by use of hand-operated hoist, and immerses them in vat for prescribed time. Removes components and places them on racks to drain. Sets oven temperature controls and places dipped units in oven to bake and dry for specified time. May clean and coat electrical leads by dipping them in molten solder. May paint armatures and field coils, using brush, or pour insulating compound over coils. May be designated according to unit impregnated as Armature Varnisher; Field-Coil Enameler.