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Foster beneficial relations between your country and others.

What does a Diplomat do?

In the age of email and instant messaging, people place high value on face-to-face communications. As a Diplomat, you’re the person who spends face time with important Politicians and decision makers from other countries. Diplomats strive to build friendly relationships with foreign governments, and negotiate a win-win deal on subjects that require compromises on both sides.

Above all, Diplomats are peacekeepers with the power to prevent wars. As you collect and report on information from foreign countries, you predict what effect international changes will have on your country and its people. Reports roll in that one country is stockpiling missiles, while in another country, power has changed hands. How do you deal with these issues?

After examining how the issue may affect you, you advise the government on a plan of action. It’s often in your best interest to befriend the new leader of a country, and to take a courteous but firm stance against those who pose a threat to you or others. No matter what choice you make, you strive to avoid violence whenever possible.

When your government has decided on a plan of action, you travel to other countries to speak with their leaders. Your attitude makes all the difference between convincing a country to sign a peace agreement and sparking an international battle. “Diplomat” is a title especially for those who have mastered the art of self-control.

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