Dinkey Operator

Control dinkey engines to shunt cars at industrial establishment or mine.

What does a Dinkey Operator do?

Controls dinkey engine powered by electric, gasoline, steam, compressed air, or diesel engine to transport and shunt cars at industrial establishment or mine: Controls movement of dinkey that transports coal, rock, timber, slag, or supplies by moving power controls and brake levers. Signals BRAKE HOLDER by hand or whistle to couple cars. Positions cars for loading or unloading according to signals of DUMPER. Inspects engine at beginning and end of shift. May move levers to open or tilt cars to dump materials. May throw switches and couple cars. May fuel and lubricate engine. May inspect track for defects and assist in repairing track and installing additional rails and ties. May be designated according to kind of power used as Dinkey Operator, Compressed Air; according to work area as Dinkey Operator, Mine; or material hauled as Dinkey Operator, Slag; Dinkey Operator, Slate. May operate flatcar equipped with derrick and be designated Derrick-Car Operator. May operate railcar to transport personnel and equipment in area of logging camp and be designated Rail-Car Operator.