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Dining Room Attendant



Perform duties to facilitate food service.

What does a Dining Room Attendant do?

Performs any combination of following duties to facilitate food service: Carries dirty dishes from dining room to kitchen. Wipes table tops and chairs, using damp cloth. Replaces soiled table linens and sets tables with silverware and glassware. Replenishes supply of clean linens, silverware, glassware, and dishes in dining room. Supplies service bar with food, such as soups, salads, and desserts. Serves ice water and butter to patrons. Cleans and polishes glass shelves and doors of service bars and equipment, such as coffee urns and cream and milk dispensers. Makes coffee and fills fruit juice dispensers. May sweep and mop floors. May transfer food and dishes between floors of establishment, using dumbwaiter, and be designated Dumbwaiter Operator. May run errands and deliver food orders to offices and be designated Runner. May be designated according to type of activity or area of work as Clean-Up Helper, Banquet; Counter Dish Carrier; Dish Carrier; Glass Washer And Carrier; Room Service Assistant; Steamtable Worker; Table Setter; Water Server.

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