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Scan documents of all types into digital files housed on computers.

What does a Digitizer do?

Though reading online has shortened our attention span (in fact, you probably just skimmed that sentence), it does make life pretty easy. As a Digitizer, you upload and digitalize documents that are not yet available online or on a computer database.

You can find work as a Digitizer in a lot of different places. For example, you might find work with a company looking to bring itself into the 21st century by uploading all of its paper documents, or with a television station looking to load old episodes online for viewing pleasure. Wherever you choose to work, Digitizers need basic computer skills and pretty good organizational abilities. Occasionally, it will be your job to set up scanners or computer programs, so you should be able to read and understand instruction manuals, too.

This is an entry-level and fairly repetitive job. After everything is set up and ready to go, you enter the documents into the computer. This might mean manually inputting the information or directly scanning the printed page. Once done with your information entering, you then organize the data so others can find it when they need it at a later date.

As you work, you keep an eye on the computer, reporting any problems to the Technician who can help you out. You might also provide some customer service to internal customers, gathering information or rushing projects requested by other employees at your organization.

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