Digital Press Operator

Ensure digital files looks right when printed out.

What does a Digital Press Operator do?

Putting ink to paper-that’s the basic duty of a Digital Press Operator. Working in the printing industry, a Digital Press Operator receives information from a computer and turns that into printed material for distribution.

As a Digital Press Operator, you draw on your background in computers, design, and project management to oversee several printing jobs at one time. Working with Graphic Designers, Advertising Executives, and Marketing Specialists, you turn computer files into the works of art that they desire.

Calling on your experience in the design arena, you make minor adjustments and tweaks when necessary. For example, you receive a file from an advertising agency for a brochure. Upon opening the file to print the brochure, you notice two different shades of red. While the difference is barely noticeable on the computer screen, your experience tells you that it will be glaringly obvious on paper.

After consulting with the client on which shade is the right one, you make the necessary adjustments to ensure consistency throughout the brochure. This aspect of quality control sets you apart from other Digital Press Operators and printing companies.

Basic repair and mechanical skills are required in this position, as you’re likely responsible for minor adjustments and repairs on the printing press. Whether it’s a simple paper jam or something a bit more involved, waiting for a Repairman often means lost profits. Keen attention to detail is also essential, as you record each problem and solution in the maintenance log for future reference, and as you track each order to ensure that it’s fulfilled correctly.