Digital Photographer

Specialize in taking digital images.

What does a Digital Photographer do?

A Digital Photographer takes pictures using a digital camera instead of a camera that uses film. Rather than capturing an image on light-sensitive film, digital cameras use a multitude of light-sensitive sensors.

There are many advantages to using this filmless form of photography. For example, digital pictures can be viewed and printed immediately. Also, digital photography is more economical than film because there are fewer costs after the initial purchase of equipment. And as a Digital Photographer, you have extensive editing options with the use of image-enhancing software. This is particularly useful in commercial photography.

As a Digital Photographer, you may be an employee of a company, such as a print publication or stock photography studio. However, many Digital Photographers work for themselves or on a freelance basis. There are freelance Fashion Photographers, Photojournalists, Portrait Photographer, Fine Artists, and more.

As a freelancer, you generally take pictures and then offer them for sale. There are a multitude of companies that purchase these photos, including magazines, television stations, consumer product manufacturers, and internet businesses.

You can work in a studio (digital cameras can be sensitive to weather), or you can travel extensively for your work. For instance, you can accept contracts to photograph weddings, or work as a Fashion Photographer and travel to Paris for runway shows.

Because of the ever-expanding technology of digital imaging and the creative nature of photography, it makes for a thrilling career. You could find yourself dodging bullets in the Middle East as a Photojournalist, or outsmarting bodyguards in Hollywood as a Paparazzo.